I don't understand why this situation exists, but it is most likely spiritual. We can't change it but we must oppose it. If the other nations of this planet would stop this anti-jew and anti-Israel retoric we would soon have peace in the land. Until that happens, I will oppose those that oppose Israel. 16 Apr 2010

Will the world ever realize that if Isreal is defeated that the next group to be eliminated will be the Christians, than the Muslim that do not agree and than all will be eliminated. remember Hitler????? 16 Apr 2010

Dear President S.Peres: Israel and jewish people ander international antisemitic attacks and discrimination of Israeli entities and activists. Please make a PROTEST/LETTER to UN, USA, SENATE, CONGRESS, TURKEY, SWEEDEN,... to stop hostile, discrimination, and antisemitic aggressive attacks on Israel. Otherwise Israel will make a case and ask $10-50 bln for moral damages to 6 mln killed jewish people, present jewish people and Israel. Sincerely, Vladimir  16 Apr 2010

please do not give our enemies reasons to question our ethics. The government must pledge to continue to take the moral high road 16 Apr 2010

Many of us stand behing the values of Isreal and not the rest of the idiots in the middle east. Not everyone is fooled by the Arabs. I think Israel should also stop new settlements - but for the rest of it Israel is unfairly attacked and victim of unfair and exaggerated critisms. 16 Apr 2010

We in India appreciate the sincere and hard work you and your team are putting for real peace in the area. I wish you success soon 16 Apr 2010

Am Yisrael Chai! 16 Apr 2010

This diplomatic isolation of Israel by the Obama administration is nothing but appeasement.  16 Apr 2010

We stand with you---because "you" are "us". AM ECHAD! 16 Apr 2010

Unfortunately Israel is demonized in the Israeli Press in the guise of "freedom of the press". When a country is at war with it's neighbors and its very own citizens the press should be responsible enough not demonize its own country. 16 Apr 2010

Dear Mr. President I urge the leaders of Israel and the United States to work together diplomatically and without public outbusts from either side. As an American and a Jew I will do everything in my power not only to protect my own country but also to see to it that Israel remains free and that all its citizens live their lives in peace.  16 Apr 2010

There are many Americans, both Christian and Jew, who are supportive of Israel, and are dismayed, though not surprised, by Obama's weak support. Please know that I will be praying for the peace of Jerusalem. 16 Apr 2010

Mr. Peres, as a very eloquent speaker, I encourage you to personally speak to the world expressing how Israel is not a giant country (as many picture her) nor is she like any other. We need more public voices. 16 Apr 2010

God, himself, set aside Abraham and his descendents through Sarah, his wife to become His people...the nation of Israel. God has worked through the events of history to bring the Jews back to their homeland. The rejection and persecution of Israel around the world is ultimately a rejection of God and his control over the affairs of mankind. God is on your side. Do not compromise. When all looks lost, your Mesiah will return.  16 Apr 2010

I love my country, but I love my G-d more. He promised Abraham, "I'll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you." My Christian faith declares that we are in fact family because Israel is the true vine, and we were adopted as sons. I intend to bless you and defend you. It is through Israel that Moshiach will bring about the consummation of the ages. In the end, we win. Cdr. John W. Gaissert, USN (Ret)  16 Apr 2010

i am an army wife of 12 years i could not be more proud of what my husbend has done but i could not be more ashamed of his current boss. we are messianic believers and we stand with you Israel. to the end what ever that may be. we pray for your troops and for your Shalom. stay stong and no land for peace deals. it is your G*d diven land and your borders will grow not shrink.  16 Apr 2010

" Yisrael Am Chai " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 Apr 2010

As a result of the historic catastrophe in which Titus of Rome destroyed Jerusalem and Israel was exiled from its land, I was born in one of the cities of the Exile. But always I regarded myself as one who was born in Jerusalem. In a dream, in a vision of the night, I saw myself standing with my brother-Levites in the Holy Temple, singing with them the songs of David, King of Israel, melodies such as no ear has heard since the day our city was destroyed and its people went into exile.  16 Apr 2010

We stand with Israel 16 Apr 2010

Full support!  16 Apr 2010

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It's unlawful for the US to ever have supported the terrorist theocracy known as the "State of Israel" or any other activities of World Zionism.

as long as the american jews through their support to democRAT party forget about a true relatioship for both Israeli and midddle east

I think there could be more respect from Obama for Israel. I don't really know but I wouldn't trust what Obama says about what he will do for Israel

Relations are fine. The US should do every thing in it's power to broker peace so long as the peace terms are what the people of Israel want. In addition I think the US should bring the full power of it's ability to pressure the rest of the world, frien

Although the Christians support Israel Obama tends to use Israel to extend his political Influence