WJC JD Corps


The Jewish Diplomatic Corps of the World Jewish Congress (WJC JDCorps) is the diplomatic flagship program of the WJC, and a worldwide network of Jewish professionals acting in the fields of diplomacy and public policy on behalf of world Jewry. At present, we have a cadre of over 300 members aged 27 to 45 from 50 countries, who are already accomplished professionals in their own rights. Members, known as Jewish Diplomats (JDs), include lawyers, community leaders, social media experts, venture capitalists, university professors, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. Our objective is to represent and strengthen the Jewish communities worldwide, where our members are also taking up leadership roles. WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps activities focus on advocacy on WJC core topics, such as interfaith relations, combating the delegitimisation of Israel, antisemitism and Holocaust legacy, as well as safeguarding human rights and minority rights.

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps can be contacted at office@jdcorps.org



Recent activities conducted by the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps and its members:

WJC Jewish Diplomat at UK event: We must not stop speaking about the Holocaust

WJC Jewish Diplomat in Armenia: Israeli resilience following the Holocaust is a key factor to its success as a nation

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps in Moscow: Advocating for Jewish rights worldwide

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps visits Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies throughout Moscow

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps official visit to Moscow City Duma

WJC Jewish Diplomats join Belarus Jewish community in marking 75 years since liquidation of Minsk Ghetto

WJC JDCorps launch UNESCO diplomacy project to combat antisemitism

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UNHRC to take strong action against neo-Nazis

WJC Jewish Diplomat at UNHRC: Victims of genocide should never be forgotten

WJC Jewish Diplomat at UK rally: WJC stands with British Jews in urging UK Labour Party to combat antisemitism amongst its ranks

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UN Human Rights Council to recognize that anti-Zionism is antisemitism

WJC Jewish Diplomat at UN Human Rights Council: antisemitism is an attack on democracy

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UN Human Rights Council to treat Israel as an ally in defense of human rights

WJC Jewish Diplomat raises alarm at UN Human Rights Council over Iranian aggression

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UN Human Rights Council to secure better future for all minorities

WJC Jewish Diplomat moderated forum in Israel with leader of the world's largest Islamic movement

WJC Jewish Diplomats reflect on 70th anniversary mission to Israel

World Jewish Congress celebrates Israel's Independence Day with mission of 100 ascending Jewish leaders from around the world

WJC Jewish Diplomats deliver official Declaration of the Jewish Diaspora's Commitment to the State of Israel to Israeli President Rivlin

WJC Jewish Diplomats joined march in Paris to honor Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll who was murdered in her Paris apartment  Photo Gallery

WJC Jewish Diplomat interrupted by Palestinian delegation at UN Human Rights Council

WJC Jewish Diplomats took part in Race for Remembrance in Bologna for Holocaust remembrance

WJC Jewish Diplomats hold high-level talks in UNESCO as part of regional European meeting

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps lead discussion against BDS move to exclude Zionists from LGBTQ discourse

WJC Jewish Diplomats meet Presidents and Foreign Ministers from Eight States on Sidelines of-UN General Assembly

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Condemns UN Black List of Companies operating in “Occupied Palestinian Areas”

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Urges UN HR Council to Reaffirm Jewish Right to Circumcision and Ritual Slaughter

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Members meet with Israel Opposition Leader MK Isaac Herzog for Discussion on the anti-Israel Agenda [C-SPAN video coverage]

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Interfaith Group engage Jewish and Muslim young leaders Hummus World Cup in Buenos Aires [Article in Clarin newspaper]

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Members meet Key Diplomats in London together with the Board of Deputies of British Jews to call for End to Bias against Israel at the UN [Press Release by the Board of Deputies]

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps co-hosts Side Event at the UNHRC on Combatting the New Frontiers of Antisemitism

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps speaks out on double standards against Israel at the UN Human Rights Council   [Video spread on social media]

WJC Vice President, CCOJB President and WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Member regrets Flemish parliament ban on ritual slaughter

WJC JDCorps Steering Committee conference meeting with newly elected Chair of WJC Israel on side-lines of annual conference

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps members leads Jewish-Muslim post-Ramadan meal

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps engage against London Al Quds Day march

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps organises social media campaign recognising the efforts of the Jewish communities on World Refugee Day   [Video spread on social media]

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps send letters of condolences to British embassies in wake of Manchester Attack

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps debates cyberhate and online antisemitism, following release of WJC report

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps hold diplomatic talks with UN ambassadors following Plenary Assembly in New York


Recent op-eds published by WJC Jewish Diplomats:

All countries which profess to be law abiding democracies must vehemently condemn Hezbollah’s action - The Jewish Chronicle

Hezbollah: Qu'est ce qu'on attend? - CRIF.org (French)

The man who made genocide a crime - The Canadian Jewish News

Les jeunes du Congrès juif mondial s'engagent lors la conférence internationale contre l'antisémitisme - CRIF.org (French)

World Jewish Congress in Moscow: Advocating for Jewish rights worldwide - STMEGI (Russian & English)

Lessons from Moscow: Five ways to tackle antisemitism heads-on - Arutz Sheva

The path from words to action following Pittsburgh attack - The Jerusalem Post

Dancing our way to multifaith peace - Al Arabiya English

The 201st Jew in Indonesia - UK Jewish News

Brazil: A tropical haven for Arabs and Jews - Al Arabiya English

Welcoming refugees in Germany: Thoughts from the Jewish community - Al Arabiya English

Irish bill criminalizing West Bank settlements a step towards full boycott - The Jerusalem Post

Juifs du monde: A la découverte des juifs de... Hong Kong! - CRIF.org (French)

An inside look at Mexico's Jewish Arab citizens and their dual identities - Al Arabiya English

Amid rising antisemitism, German Jews are not alone – Jerusalem Post

Bruits de bottes sur Sofia - CRIF.org (French)

The Lukov March: Neo-Nazis march through the streets of Sofia - Arutz Sheva

#WeRemember: It is our duty as human beings to honor the victims of the Holocaust and make sure it never happens again – Salom Turkey

Ending the PAs reprehensible terrorist salaries - Jerusalem Post

Your blood-soaked tax dollars - Times of Israel

Crime and punishment? - Times of Israel

A Zionist Jew's guidelines for the LGBT community - Jerusalem Post

UNESCO is sacrificing Jewish heritage on the altar of political machinations - Times of Israel

Israel's promising future with Africa - Jerusalem Post

FIFA, let Israel play – Jerusalem Post

The UN has abandoned an honest approach – Ynet

Facing history half a decade since the expulsion of Poland’s Jews – Jerusalem Post

Solidarity as a tool for survival - Times of Israel

New years’ resolution - more unity less polarization – Times of Israel


Recent WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps calls to action:

WJC JDCorps urged International Paralympic Committee to relocate the 2019 World Para Swimming Championship from Malaysia because of discrimination against Israeli athletes

WJC JDCorps condemns rocket fire by Hamas - November 2018

WJC JDCorps applauds FIFA's decision to suspend Jibril Rajoub

Call to action Hamas' violent riots at Gaza border

Call to action Indonesia terrorist attacks

Call to action EU aid to Palestinian Authority diverted to terrorism

Call to action UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Krakow

Call to action World Heritage Day

Call to action Manchester terrorist attack

Call to action FIFA Congress, Bahrain

Call to action Interfaith – My Shared Seder Table


WJC Webinars hosted by WJC Jewish Diplomats

WJC Webinar on Child Soldiers in the Palestinian Territories, Prof. Gerald Steinberg interviewed by JD Nir Boms

WJC Webinar on Lethal Media in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Dr. Richard Landes interviewed by JD MJ Kronfeld

WJC Webinar on BDS on Campuses, Dr. Charles Small interviewed by JD Efi Chalamish

WJC Webinar on Media: The New Frontline, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner interviewed by JD Terry Newman

WJC Webinar on the Case for Israel, Prof. Alan Dershowitz interviewed by JD Logan Koffler


Recent international conferences with the participation of members of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps:

United Nations, General Assembly, New York

United Nations, Human Rights Council, Geneva

Organisation of American States, General Assembly, Cancun

World Peace Forum, Jakarta, Indonesia

Muslim Jewish Conference, Sarajevo

International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, seminar on digital antisemitism, Vienna

International Council of Christians and Jews, conference, Bonn

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, seminar on hate speech on the internet, Jerusalem

Council of Young Jewish Presidents, meeting of the development program, New York

IAF Chairman’s Conference, Jerusalem

Child Dignity Congress, Vatican City

World Summit on Counter-terrorism, Herzliya

IHRA Panel on Holocaust Remembrance and Education, Washington


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps internal meetings:

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Special Mission to Israel, Jerusalem - Haifa - Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Washington D.C.

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Paris

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the ICFR European-Israeli Diplomatic Forums, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, New York

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee and Staff Retreat, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Israel Social Event, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, London

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Working Breakfast, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the WJC Herzl Gala Dinner, New York


WJC President Ronald S. Lauder presents his vision of Jewish leadership at the WJC-JDCorps Global Summit in Basel, Switzerland in November, 2016

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