WJC praises Pope Francis for Match for Peace initiative

01 Sep 2014

The World Jewish Congress has praised Pope Francis for co-organizing an international soccer match whose aim is to promote peace around the world and to raise funds for children in need.

Stockholm: Thousands of Swedes rally against anti-Semitism

31 Aug 2014

WJC CEO Robert Singer was one of more than a thousand people who took part in the Kippah Walk organized by the Swedish Jewish community, which came in the wake of a series of anti-Semitic incidents.

Greek Jewish communities battle anti-Semitism in the press

07 Aug 2014

In a statement released today, The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, KIS, condemned the bristling anti-Semitism that has washed into the Greek press since the beginning of Israel’s operation “Protective Edge” in Gaza.

Media will have to answer for intimidation of journalists by Hamas, WJC spokeswoman says

06 Aug 2014

The international media will have to answer for the intimidation by Hamas of journalists working in Gaza, which has produced a one-sided anti-Israel narrative in the mainstream press, World Jewish Congress spokeswoman E.J. Kessler declared today.

Return envoys to Israel, WJC head Lauder urges Latin American governments

31 Jul 2014

WJC President Ronald Lauder urged the Latin American nations that have withdrawn their ambassadors from Israel in protest of its Gaza incursion to return their envoys, and declared that those governments “are disregarding Israel’s right of self-defense and blaming the victim instead putting the responsibility for the violence where it belongs – on the terrorism of Hamas.”


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