Return envoys to Israel, WJC head Lauder urges Latin American governments

31 Jul 2014

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder today urged the Latin American nations that have withdrawn their ambassadors from Israel in protest of its Gaza incursion to return their envoys, and declared that those governments “are disregarding Israel’s right of self-defense and blaming the victim instead putting the responsibility for the violence where it belongs – on the terrorism of Hamas.”

Tens of thousands rally for Israel around the world

28 Jul 2014

Joining thousands around the world, at least 10,000 pro-Israel New Yorkers turned out on Monday for the “New York Stands With Israel” rally that the World Jewish Congress co-sponsored at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nations.

Eliot Engel calls for security measures to protect Europe's Jews

24 Jul 2014

"I am deeply disturbed by the wave of anti-Semitic violence that has spread across Europe in recent days in response to Israel’s military activities in Gaza," the chair of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians, Rep. Eliot L. Engel, said.

World Jewish Congress urges Italy to refuse accreditation of ‘anti-Semitic’ Hungarian ambassador

24 Jul 2014

WJC President Ronald Lauder: "A man who suggests that Hungary’s Jews are ‘agents of Satan’, ‘greedy, envious, evil and ugly’ is not fit to represent his country abroad."

Uphold the UN Charter or become terrorists’ tool, WJC tells UN Human Rights Council

23 Jul 2014

Statement at Geneva throws UN’s Gaza dilemma into sharp relief.