Auschwitz guard, now 93, charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder - JTA

16 Sep 2014

German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his service as a Nazi SS guard at Auschwitz.

ISIS may target Israelis, Jews abroad, Counter-Terrorism Bureau warns- The Jerusalem Post

16 Sep 2014

Bureau warns that the terrorism threat against Israelis has risen in Western Europe and Africa, particularly from veterans of Syria and Iraq who return to their countries.

Axel Springer’s legacy continues

16 Sep 2014

WJC’s Theodor Herzl Award posthumously bestowed on the late publisher Axel Springer in tribute to his lifetime efforts for reconciliation between Germans and Jews, and between Germany and Israel.

German FM Steinmeier: "There is no place for anti-Semitism in Germany!"

15 Sep 2014

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier's address to the World Jewish Congress gathering in Berlin.

Far right surges in Sweden - Reuters

15 Sep 2014

Sweden votes for minority left government, far right surges


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