Turkish politician apologizes after calling Jews 'bandits'

26 Nov 2014

In Turkey, a provincial governor, whose anger at Israel led him to call for the conversion of a synagogue into a museum, apologized to the country’s chief rabbi.

Finding faith and beauty in the lives of Orthodox Jewish women - Time

26 Nov 2014

For four years, Italian photographer Federica Valabrega has photographed the everyday lives of Orthodox Jewish women around the world.

AP report: Iran's Jewish population finds new acceptance by officials

26 Nov 2014

Iran has been home for Jews for more than 3,000 years and has the Middle East's largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

Israeli president criticises divisive Jewish nation-state bill - Reuters

26 Nov 2014

"The formulators of Israel's Declaration of Independence, with much wisdom, insisted the Arab communities in Israel, as well as other groups, should not feel as the Jews had felt in exile," President Reuven Rivlin said

An Israeli priest defends Israel - Weekly Standard

26 Nov 2014

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest in Yafia, near Nazareth, has become a lightning rod for encouraging Christians to integrate themselves into Israeli society rather than maintain an Arab identity that entails hostility to Israel.


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