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Italian Jewish community hosts Rome road race commemorating Jewish and historical sites, with WJC support

World Jewish Congress sponsoring first ever sports race in Europe dedicated to Holocaust remembrance.

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Irish university cancels conference questioning Israel’s legitimacy - JTA

The planned conference, titled “International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism,” came to the university’s attention through social media, the university said in a statement about the University Management Team meeting posted on its website.

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Croatian Jews to boycott Shoah memorial over whitewashing - Arutz Sheva

Last year Croatia's Jews, Serbs and anti-fascists boycotted the commemoration for the victims of the country's most notorious World War II camp at Jasenovac, also citing relativism and a resurgence in pro-Ustasha sympathies.

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'Disgusting' anti-Semitic attacks in London designed 'to instill fear' - Jewish Chronicle

A volunteer security group has called a series of anti-Semitic attacks carried out against Jewish homes and pedestrians in the British capital “cowardly”.

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Bernard-Henri Lévy joins WJC's @WeRemember campaign

Jewish-French intellectual and writer Bernard-Henri Lévy was at the Ukrainian Institute of American in New York for the signing of his new book, 'The Genius of Judaism'. The event was co-sponsored by the World Jewish Congress.

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FBI to probe wave of bomb threats to US Jewish institutions - Times of Israel

Federal authorities to investigate second string of hoax attacks targeting JCCs across country after 32 community centers, synagogues receive threats,

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Ukraine to reopen Uman airport, servicing Hasidic pilgrims, thanks to $140M investment - JTA

The opening of an airport near Uman, situated 120 miles south of Kiev, has the potential of redirecting from the international airports of Kiev and Odessa tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims who visit Uman to be near the gravesite of the 18th-century luminary Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, a spiritual father of the Breslav Hasidic movement. Some 25,000 pilgrims come on Rosh Hashanah alone.

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World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder congratulates Donald J. Trump on inauguration as 45th US president

"The World Jewish Congress looks forward to Mr. Trump’s presidency and his steady hand guiding the United States and the free world over the next four years."

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In Odessa, everyone has a Jewish history — and they’re not keeping it secret anymore - The Forward

Before World War II, a third of those living in the Ukrainian port city were Jewish. According to the latest census, the Jewish population today is roughly 1%.

WJC in the Media

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WJC President Lauder rejects France peace summit: There is no alternative to bilateral Israeli-Palestinian talks

NEW YORK - World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has called France’s plan to convene officials from more than 70 countries in Paris for talks on Middle East peace a “subversive attempt to impose a settlement on the Israelis and Palestinians without the explicit agreement or participation of both sides.”

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World Jewish Congress President Lauder demands Montana immediately ban planned neo-Nazi rally: ‘Alt-right march puts all of America at risk

“When notorious and self-professed neo-Nazis announce that they are planning to march through a town carrying ‘high-profiled rifles’ in an action targeting ‘Jews, Jewish business, and everyone who supports either,’ the local authorities must respond with quick alarm and vigilance," says Ronald S. Lauder.

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The UN is preventing true Israeli-Palestinian peace: Op-ed by Ronald S. Lauder - Times of Israel

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder writes: 'In deferring to the Security Council, the US has allowed the counterproductive bias of the United Nations to gain the upper hand, at least in the short term, posing yet another obstacle to a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.'

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Panel: Genocide, wars, indifference will make Mideast Christians extinct - Catholic News Service

"Today we are witnessing the world's indifference to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and Africa," Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, told a panel discussion in New York.

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World Jewish Congress welcomes initiatives by Google, internet giants to curb terror, anti-Semitism online

‘Viral hate content must be eradicated like any viral disease,' says WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

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How the far right is trying to woo an unlikely ally: Jews - Washington Post

In Austria, a Freedom Party victory in the presidential election next week would make Norbert Hofer the first far-right head of state in Western Europe since the demise of Nazi Germany.

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Ronald S. Lauder praises countries for helping Israel to fight fire blazes

The head of the World Jewish Congress expressed concern about the wild fires currently raging in Israel and thanked the many countries who supported Israel's fight against the fires.

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Young Jewish international volunteers gather in Switzerland - JTA

Some 160 young Jews from 37 countries gathered in the Swiss city of Basel for the first global summit of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps, a volunteer-based group affiliated with the World Jewish Congress.

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'Be like Theodor Herzl': In Basel, Ronald S. Lauder lays out his vision for Jewish leadership

Speaking in the Swiss city of Basel where the first Zionist congresses were held after 1897, the World Jewish Congress president urged the next generation of Jewish leaders to be like modern Zionism’s founding father.

Press Releases

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#WeRemember: WJC reaches millions with Holocaust memory campaign; participant photos to be projected on Auschwitz grounds

More than 200,000 people from every continent have already taken part in the WJC’s social media campaign, which calls on participants to post their photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with the hashtag, #WeRemember.

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Lauder calls German court's rejection of ban of neo-Nazi party 'disconcerting'

Jewish leaders expressed disappointment at the ruling of Germany's supreme court which rejected a ban of the extreme-right National Democratic Party (NPD). 

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‘Historical truth is not always pleasant,’ Poland’s President Duda tells forum in Jerusalem

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda told gathering in Jerusalem that during the Holocaust, “there were heroic people but there were also evil people, and those who behaved in an inhuman way deserve to be condemned.”

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#WeRemember: WJC reaching out to millions on social media in campaign to raise awareness of Holocaust

Join the World Jewish Congress in an unprecedented campaign: Take a photo of yourself holding up a sheet of paper with the words “We Remember” and post it to social media with the hashtag #WeRemember.

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Roman Herzog dead: Former German president led way in remembering Holocaust

The World Jewish Congress praised former German President Roman Herzog, who died on Tuesday at the age of 82, for his friendship toward Germany's Jewish community.

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WJC President Lauder condemns Jerusalem attack, demands Palestinian leadership root out incitement

At least four killed when truck plows through crowd in Jerusalem on Sunday.

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WJC President Lauder ‘dismayed’ by UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements, calls US choice not to veto 'disconcerting' and 'unfortunate'

“Israel has shown time and time again that it is willing to enter into talks with a view of ending this conflict, but the Palestinians, instead of coming to the negotiating table, have imposed numerous preconditions, including on the settlement question. It is lamentable that the United Nations, instead of playing the role of honest broker, is taking sides, thus making a peace deal more unlikely,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

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WJC President Lauder urges US to veto ‘counterproductive’ Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements

The UN Security Council will vote on Friday on a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements after four council members again put forward the measure a day after Egypt withdrew it.

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Lauder welcomes Ban Ki-moon’s ‘long-awaited’ admission of UN bias against Israel

WJC President Ronald Lauder welcomed Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recognition of the United Nations' disproportionate stance on Israel and his demand that Hamas renounce the use of violence and recognize Israel's right to exist.