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WJC North America welcomes House approval of bill to condition aid to Palestinians on eliminating terror payments

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress North America strongly welcomes the House of Representative’s passage of the Taylor Force Act, which would halt US aid to the Palestinian Authority that is being misused to reward terrorists and their families. “This is a significant step in the efforts to combat terrorism and we look forward to seeing the same vote of support in the Senate when it is brought for consideration later this year,” said Evelyn Sommer, Chair, WJC North America.

“The World Jewish Congress has been dedicated in its advocacy for the Taylor Force Act from the beginning, and we hope that it will be signed into law and lead to fundamental change on this critical matter.

“In 2017, the PA budgeted $344 million for payments to terrorists and their families, and a large portion of those dollars came directly from US aid. The Palestinian Authority must not be allowed to continue to encourage terrorism and murder, and US taxpayer funds must not be used to pay salaries to terrorists who target innocent people.

“A peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not come about when acts of targeting civilians continue to be celebrated and rewarded. The US must stand strong in its battle against terrorism,” Sommer concluded.


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