Judy Gross urges Cuban leader Raúl Castro to release jailed husband

25 October 2010

The wife of a Jewish American aid worker jailed in Havana for allegedly being a spy has written a letter to Cuban President Raúl Castro in his regret. The ‘Reuters’ news agency also reported that Judy Gross, wife of US Agency for International Development employee Alan Gross, had claimed President Obama was doing little to help secure her husband's release. Alan Gross, 61, was arrested in December 2009 for assisting the Cuban Jewish community to connect to the internet and with world Jewry.

In a letter to Castro sent more than two months ago, Judy Gross wrote that her husband was needed at home since their daughter was diagnosed recently with breast cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. She apologized for her husband's work in Cuba on behalf of both of them. "I recognize today that the Cuban government may not like the type of work that Alan was doing in Cuba. But I want you to know that Alan loves the people of Cuba, and he only wanted to help them. He never intended them, or your government, any harm."

Castro has not responded to the letter, according to the report. No official charges have been filed against Alan Gross, who Cuban officials say committed "serious crimes.” Judy Gross praised US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her efforts on behalf of her husband, but said Obama had yet to take up the case. Alan Gross suffers from several health ailments that have worsened in prison.

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