Don't trust Rouhani’s charm offensive, Lauder tells Biden

30 October 2013

WASHINGTON – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder met with US Vice President Joseph Biden in Washington, DC, on Tuesday in order to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions and rising anti-Semitism around the world.

Lauder conveyed world Jewry's deep concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran at the private, hour-long breakfast meeting, which took place at Biden's official residence at the Naval Observatory. Following years of failed negotiations with Iran, Lauder warned the Administration not to trust the current charm offensive of Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani. The WJC president underlined that Tehran must comply fully with all UN Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear program.

Biden pledged to work closely with Lauder on these issues. The Vice President reaffirmed America's commitment to Israel's security and strongly reassured Lauder that Iran would face deep and ongoing scrutiny as America probed Iranian intentions about the nuclear program.

"The Vice President was truly receptive to concerns about the Iranian threat and pledged to ensure that all conditions and requirements are met," Lauder said. "I look forward to working closely with him as the negotiations unfold."

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Charles L. Richman

Wed, 30 Oct 2013

The USA & Iran: 2014

I have no doubt that if Iran has nuclear weapons (they already have the delivery capability of 1,900 mile) they will eventually hit Eastern Europe, Israel and our Arab "allies" including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Iran will also ensure that terror organization they fully support like Hezbollah will receive these weapons, perhaps not as large and destructive as Iran WILL EMPLOY, but certainly lethal. I would assume also that down the road Iran would supply an Assad governed Syria with these weapons also. Under the threat of nuclear attack from Iran and its proxy Syria the entire Arab Middle-East will be subservient to the past voice of the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Revolutionary Guard, and the latter’s elite force, Qom. The "partnership" between Saudi Arabia and the USA will end if Iran has nuclear weapons and we will see a new partnership between Iran and the fear filled leadership of the ruling families of Saudi Arabia. In summary, it is insanity to allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons; their leaders have already made public threats to use them against Israel. The Iranians vitriolic proclamations should not be taken lightly. There threats remind me of Mein Kampf written by Hitler years before he obtained power as the leader of Nazi Germany. We did not heed Hitler’s writings and my fear is we will not heed the vicious, hate filled rhetoric that has emanated from Iran’s leaders for the last two decades. Each of us must demand that our policymakers ensure that Iran has no nuclear capability now, in the near future, or in the far future. Furthermore, sanctions against Iran should become stronger, NOT weaker.

Charles L. Richman, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Wake Forest University