At World Jewish Congress meeting, Peres voices optimism about peace process

31 August 2010

Over 300 delegates and guests have attended the annual WJC Governing Board meeting in Jerusalem. It took place on the eve of peace negotiations in Washington between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israeli President Shimon Peres delivered the opening address, calling the peace process “the most important task of our time.” The 87-year-old Israeli head of state said a solution to the conflict in the Middle East was “two states for two peoples, and the establishment of a democratic, demilitarized Palestinian state on the side of Israel.”

“All other solutions are dangerous,” Peres told the World Jewish Congress meeting. He said he wished Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu well. “I send my profound blessings for this mission and its success.” Peres also praised Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak’s efforts to bring about a peace deal: "Mubarak stood like a rock in the Middle East to prevent a regional war." The Israeli president said he was certain Mubarak's journey to Washington would be a major factor in helping to achieve peace. He also saw significance in the participation of King Abdullah of Jordan.

In his opening speech, WJC President Ronald Lauder called the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority "one of the most fateful moments" in the history of Israel. Lauder pledged that world Jewry would continue to actively support Israel. "The international threats to Israel only serve to make us stronger," Lauder told the 300 delegates and guests. “We stand by Israel. Every one of us stands by Israel, shoulder to shoulder, now and forever.”


VIDEO: Watch President Peres' speech in full here.

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Tue, 07 Sep 2010

I hope to achieve peace between Israel and the Muslims were but lasting peace is gained only the elimination of Islam final ,This is for the good of all humanity

Paula Menyuk

Mon, 06 Sep 2010

The current effort to bring peace to the Middle East should be supported by all American Jews.


Fri, 03 Sep 2010

Yes it is true the media has an important role in this matter and the reason for this because there is a fierce media campaign against Israel, that we should influence even within the Muslim community,I am one of you think that the Jews are occupiers of the land, but after reading repeated the Bible know the truth, that the Arabs are the occupiers, and to discover the truth justice of the cause of Jewish protested Sunni, and why the media blackout in the countries of the Muslim, there are farmers in Iraq were executed on the pretext that they are spies for Israel , accused me of one Muslim labor to Israel and the cause of that showed some sympathy with the Jews only, I'm Melody TV only Jewish, but I have learned caution

Marcos Janariz

Wed, 01 Sep 2010


Sorry for the presence of Mr Aznar at this Congress. He is not at all a good representative of those who defend minorities, such as Israel, that are disdained and damned by much larger countries, such as Iran. You should know that he is not a defender of minorities in his own country, does not respect minority languages and has never been a defender of jews in the past. His goal is only to regain political presence and acceptance, after his disastrous management of the Irak war in Spain. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to let the people of Israel know about the right face of an opportunist who looks for attention in other countries other than his own one.


Fri, 27 Aug 2010

إظهار التحويل إلى الحروف اللاتينية

I hope that the leaders of the Faili Kurds, such as your leaders are smart and brave, God saves Assaraiil and America forever, the existence of the State of Israel gives me hope for each state and the Faili Kurds, not Iraqi and one Iranian, God guide all the peoples of Asia to Protestant Christianity