Executive Committee and Strategic Forum

As part of the WJC's ongoing Strategic Review process, begun in May 2008, a Strategic Forum meeting was held in Jerusalem on 19 October 2009. Outside experts were invited to brief the members of the Executive on the issues that have been identified as the priority areas for the WJC in the months and years ahead: the threat posed by Ahmadinejad's Iran, the growing global phenomenon of the delegitimisation of Israel, anti-Semitism worldwide, developments in inter-faith relations, seeking justice for Jews from Arab lands, and the threat of terrorism to Jewish communities around the world.

  • Amb. Daniel Ayalon Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel 'Iran's Growing Influence around the Globe'
  • Mr. Michael Schneider WJC Secretary General Opening Remarks
    Dan Diker Secretary General, World Jewish Congress Opening Remarks
    MK Danny Ayalon Deputy Foreign Minister Opening Remarks
    MK Dr. Lea Nass Deputy Minister for Senior Citizens Opening Remarks
  • Mr. Dan Diker Director, Senior Foreign Policy Analyst Institute for Contemporary Affairs Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs 'Israeli-Palestinian Diplomacy at the Crossroads: Analysis of Fayad's Unilateral Statehood Plan'
  • Mr. Stanley Urman Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, American Sephardi Federation 'Seeking Justice for Displaced Jews'
  • Dr. Tal Becker Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘International Lawfare Against Israel’
  • Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg Bar Ilan University, NGO Monitor 'The Role of NGO's in the Effort to De-Legitimize Israel'
  • Mr. Mike Whine Community Security Trust (UK) 'Our Communities under Threat'
  • Dr. Alexander Machkevitch EAJC President Dialogue with the Orthodox Churches
  • Rabbi Michael Melchior Mosaica Center for Interreligious Cooperation Dialogue with Islam
  • Amb. Sergio Minerbi Visiting Professor of Political Science at Haifa University - Dialogue with Christianity 'Opportunities for Dialogue between the Abrahamic Faiths'
  • Ms. Aviva Raz-Shechter Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel 'Recent Phenomena in Anti-Semitism Worldwide'
  • Amb. Oded Eran Executive Director WJC Israel, and Director of Institute for National Security Studies Review of Iran Session, Discussion and Recommendations
  • Amb. Dr. Dore Gold Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs ‘Has Iran Outsmarted the West?’
  • Dr. Ephraim Asculai Institute for National Security Studies 'Iran's Nuclear Capability'
  • Prof. David Menashri Head of Centre for Iranian Studies, Tel Aviv University 'What's Happening Inside Iran? The Latest Political Developments'
  • Dr. Uzi Rubin President Rubincon Defense Consulting 'Iran's Missile Delivery Capability: Implications for Europe and the Middle East'
  • Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Remarks