Bolivia's Jews mostly live in La Paz, the capital, but there are smaller communities in Santa Cruz and in Cochabamba. The majority of Bolivian Jews are Ashkenazim of central and eastern European descent. The Jewish community of Bolivia has decreased significantly since its peak of 10,000 in the late 1940s.


The Circulo Israelita de Bolivia is the central Jewish communal organization and is recognized by the Bolivian government. This organization is a union of its predecessors, the Circulo Israelita de La Paz, established by east European Jews, and the German Comunidad Israelita de Bolivia. The Circulo maintains a cemetery, the bikur cholim, two synagogues, and a home for the aged. There are branches of WIZO in La Paz and Santa Cruz and Maccabi sports clubs in La Paz and Cochabamba. Santa Cruz also has several other social organizations.

Culture and Education

The Colegio Boliviano Israelita has a kindergarten, a primary school, and a secondary school. Though it was founded in 1940 to serve Jewish children, the majority of its pupils are now non-Jewish. There is also a supplementary Jewish college and a Talmud Torah for bar and bat mitzvah preparation. The Bolivia-Israel Cultural Institute organizes activities to promote cultural understanding.

Religious Life

In La Paz there are three synagogues but only one rabbi. Kosher food, including meat, is available. There is also a synagogue in Santa Cruz and another in Cochabamba.


Israel Israel and Bolivia maintain full diplomatic relations. Aliya: Since 1948, 396 Bolivian Jews have immigrated to Israel

Jewish Community

Circulo Israelita (CI)
Calle 1 No. 307,
Esquina Av. Hector Ormachea
La Paz
Tel: +(591 2) 2785083 or +(591 2)2786512
Fax: +(591 2) 2785371
e-mail :

Avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz No. 21
Edificio Esperanza, 10 Piso
Casilla 1309.1320, La Paz
Tel. 591 2 391 126, Fax 591 2 391 712

Kosher Food


For up to date information on Kosher restaurants and locations please see the Shamash Kosher Database


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