Costa Rica

The leading communal organization is the Centro Israelita Sionista de Costa Rica (CIS), founded in 1937. There is also a reform congregation in the capital San José, as well as several active Jewish groups that include WIZO, the Jewish Women's Welfare Association affiliated with the International Council of Jewish Women, Bnai Brith, Keren Hayesod. The Jewish Sports Center is the venue of Jewish athletics and has a Kosher restaurant. The Centro publishes a monthly magazine “Hayom” as well as a weekly bulletin; both devoted to spreading Jewish traditions, local and international news, etc.

San José’s main synagogue, Shaarei Zion, is served by a rabbi. There is a burial society and a Jewish cemetery. Kosher food is available. The Jaim Weizman School, which includes a nursery, kindergarten, elementary and high school, is attended by the majority of Jewish children. Since February 2010, Costa Rica has a vice-president who is Jewish.

Synagogues and Communities:

Centro Israelita de Costa Rica
Apartado Postal 1473-1000
CR-San José
Fax: +506 22 201 951

Congregación B’nei Israel (Reform)
CR-San José
Tel: +506 2231 5243
Fax: +506 2231 5787

Other Jewish sites of interest:

Museum of the Jewish Community of Costa Rica
Contact person: Mrs. Vilma de Reifer, Director


Israel and Costa Rica enjoy full diplomatic relations. Until 2006, Costa Rica was one of only two countries world-wide to have an embassy in the Israeli capital Jerusalem, but following a decision by then President Oscar Arías, its representation was moved to Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Embassy in San José has the following address:

Centro Colón – Paseo Colón
Apartado 5147-1000,
CR-San José
Tel: +506 221 06 84
Fax: +506 257 08 67

Kosher Food

For kosher food in Costa Rica, please consult the webpage of the Centro Israelita.

For up to date information on Kosher restaurants and locations please see the Shamash Kosher Database


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