Iran and Saudi Arabia, whose regimes systematically violate basic women's rights, are set to become leading members of the new United Agency devoted to the promotion of women's rights (‘UN Women’). Elections for UN Women’s Governing Board will be held next week. read more »
Bishop Richard Williamson is a Holocaust denier. In a TV interview broadcast in 2009 he reaffirmed his view that not a single Jew died in the Nazi gas chambers. In April 2010 he was convicted of Holocaust denial by German court. Despite widespread international condemnation he has so far refused to retract his statements. read more »
In April 2010 the World Jewish Congress ran an online campaign asking website visitors to sign a Pledge of Support for Israel. In conjunction with an open letter from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder to US President Barak Obama, the campaign was hugely successful and gained attention around the world. read more »

The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, found himself addressing a mostly empty UN debating chamber on 23 September 2009 as delegates either boycotted his speech entirely or walked out as he attacked the 'Zionist Regime' for committing genocide against Palestinians.

Ministers and senior diplomats of Western countries denounced Ahmadinejad's speech as unacceptable. read more »

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Ronald Lauder: ‘We have one great friend: the Evangelicals’
In an interview with Israel’s Channel Two, World Jewish Congress President talks about the challenges facing Israel in today’s world.
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