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Ariel Cohen Sabban

WJC Vice-President (Argentina)
President, Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations


Ariel Cohen Sabban has been President of DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations) since November 2015 and is also  President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Argentina (Vaad Hakehilot).

He is a businessman who has a longstanding participation in the life of the Jewish community:
2011-2013 - Secretary of Institutional Development of AMIA
2006-2010 - Treasurer DAIA
2005-2008 - Secretary of the Operating expenses and purchases AMIA.
2002-2005 - Board Member AMIA
1999-2000 - First deputy secretary of DAIA
1997-1999 - Second Deputy treasurer DAIA
1996-1999 - Member Executive Council Hapoel Mizrahi Mizrahi




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